2022 at a glance...

March 2022

On the 29th March we had the pleasure of donating a defibrillator package to Charlotte Mason College.  Special thanks to Brittany, a teacher and school friend of Eloise, for reaching out to Team E for assistance.  We were delighted to help and give back to the community by donating another potentially life saving defib to this wonderful little school. 


We truly thank the staff at CMC for their kind welcome and genuine appreciation.

June 2022

What a day!  Firstly we need to start by thanking Jacob from Superstar Swim League for not only putting together such a great initiative for Junior Swimmers, but also for his belief in Team E and willingness to support us as the nominated charity for this inaugural event.   


We were extremely proud to be involved and give back to the hugely supportive swimming community by donating another defibrillator package, this time to Ironside Swim Club!

Superstar Swimleague 2.jpg
Superstar Swimleague 3.jpg