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What a year 2020 has been.


Everyone in the world has been touched by the effects of Covid 19, charities are of course are no exception so we have purposefully kept a low profile during such uncertain and difficult times for so many.  That being said, once again the wonderful community, staff and students of Windsor State School went pink for the Foundation.  They weren't going to let a world wide pandemic get in the way of their annual 'Pink Day' for Team Eloise!

There was a sea of pink, merchandise sales, gold coin donations and a spectacular morning tea!

Team Eloise also gave the Windsor State School families the opportunity to win a potentially life-saving defibrillator for their child's sporting club.  Congratulations to the Newmarket Soccer Club for being the winner of our lucky draw!


 Thank you Windsor State School for another very special day.

Super proud to be able to donate another defibrillator to a sporting club.

Big thanks to the Barlow Family from Windsor State School for nominating Newmarket Soccer Club and for presenting them with the defibrillator package!

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