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Our Goals

Awareness/Early Detection/Defibrillators/Research

We need to get people talking and raise awareness of the implications cardiac arrhythmias can have on our youth.

Early detection is vital.   We are working hard to highlight the possible signs and symptoms of cardiac arrhythmias and the important role ECG's can play in early detection.  An ECG is a simple, non-invasive, painless reading of the heart’s electrical activity and is a highly advised if any signs and symptoms have been experienced.

Advocate the importance of accessible defibrillators. They are portable, inexpensive and proven to be a life saver.  Having a defibrillator on hand markedly increases the chances of survival following a sudden cardiac arrest.

Latest News - April 2018 :

Following our appeal to the Qld Department of Education to review the current policy and guidelines relating to AEDs we are pleased to say the Department has responded positively to our request and suggestions for improvement and they will be updating the guidelines!!  Such a big step forward.  We hope this will lead to more schools being rescue ready and equipped with a life-saving AED!!

More research and funding is needed into the incidence of sudden cardiac death in Australian youth and the molecular genetics behind these life threatening arrhythmias and associated conditions. 

Cardiac arrhythmias can be a 'silent killer', Eloise was incredibly unlucky to fall victim and become another statistic. The Eloise Gannon Foundation has been established to honour Eloise's memory and to do everything we can to raise awareness and assist in the early detection of potentially life threatening arrhythmias.


Eloise was a fit and active teenager, you certainly wouldn't have thought she had a serious health problem.  The good news is WPW and other arrhythmias can be relatively easy to detect by an ECG.  By raising awareness of these conditions and advocating for early detection the Foundation hopes to play a positive role in preventing the sudden loss of another young life.  

Your help in achieving our goals is greatly appreciated, we'd love for you to be a part of Team Eloise.

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