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Sydney Coastrek - A 50km challenge

A 50km Trek? Sure, sounds like fun, a great occasion for a stroll around the coastline of Sydney I hear! Well, not quite....even though there were blisters a plenty and toenails lost (not sure Jano or Bec will ever completely recover) nevertheless, a truly great day was had by all. There were lots of laughs and maybe just a few tears along the way, but most importantly both Team Eloise 1 & 2 made it!! Huge thanks must go to Patti, Bucky & Jane for taking this Trek on with me, they are such truly great friends I couldn't have asked for better people to have by my side. To my wonderful sister in-law Kath and beautiful nieces Bec and Kristin, to have you guys embark on this epic Trek together so proudly wearing the Team Eloise gear means so much to me, Geoff and Bronte. Everyone put in such a huge effort and I'm sure Ella-Bella would be very proud. Way to go Team Eloise!!

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