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Big News! Swimming Queensland & Speedo join Team Eloise!

It's been a busy couple of months since we launched Eloise's foundation and we really couldn't be happier with the support we've received so far. I hadn't realised just how far we'd come (and so quickly) until a couple of weeks ago. We had the opportunity to meet with the good people from Swimming Queensland and Speedo. They were extremely positive and enthusiastic about getting behind the foundation and doing their bit along the way to help us with achieving our goals. These meetings culminated very quickly with both organisations agreeing to provide support to the foundation which we are absolutely thrilled about. Let's just say it was a big day for the Foundation! Swimming was such a big part of Eloise’s life, we are so thankful and proud to have their support and join Team Eloise.

Speedo and Swimming Qld have very kindly agreed to do what they can to get behind the foundation at the upcoming McDonald's Queensland Short Course Swimming Championships (27-28th August). Each year Speedo develop a unique swim cap for sale at the meet and this year they have generously included our Team Eloise logo as part of the design, and they look gorgeous! We can't wait to see them in the pool, particularly on the 28th, such a significant day for all of us.

Swimming Queensland have also been amazing, and so willing to help where they can and spread the word about the Foundation. Team Eloise will set up our newly acquired Team Eloise Marquee (courtesy of Swimming Qld) so please come by to say hello and have a look at some of our merchandise, we'd love to see you there!

So, a big heartfelt THANK YOU to Swimming Qld and Speedo! Another (big) step along the way to achieving the foundations goals.

Thank you!

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