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ECG TESTING (Heart Rhythm Check)

One of our main objectives is our belief in delivering FREE ECG testing to young people.  An ECG (or heart rhythm check) is not something a fit, healthy young person (particularly under the age of 35) would consider a necessary part of a routine health check.

Unfortunately statistics show too many young Australians are passing away from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, often due to an underlying arrythmia they are unaware of.  Possible signs and symptoms can be easily missed and rarely thought to be associated with a possible heart issue in a younger person. Some of these potentially dangerous arrythmias can be easily identified from a simple ECG.

Through the generosity of donations and with the support and assistance of Heart of Australia, the Eloise Gannon Foundation is taking ECG testing on the road! 


If you or a young person you know has experienced any of the possible signs and symptoms, don't hesitate to check in with your GP for further investigation.

What is an ECG?

An ECG or Electrocardiogram (full medical term), or more simply put we like to call it a 'Heart Rhythm Check'.

An ECG is a simple, non-invasive reading of your heart's electrical activity (rhythm) at that time. You will be asked to lie still and breath normally as the machine takes a very quick recording of your heart's activity.

How to get an ECG with Team E?

If you see Team E is heading to an event near you and you're between the ages of 14-35

below is the process for an ECG test :

  1. On-line bookings will be available

  2. Walk-ins are also welcome

  3. Paperwork to be completed prior to your ECG (short medical history & patient consent forms).  If you've booked on-line these will be emailed to you, or you can complete on the day

  4. ECG Test will be performed by a Heart of Australia Medical Aide - no preparation is required, 10 small adhesive dots are placed on your chest connected by leads to a machine which will take a snapshot of your heart's rhythm at that time.  Once the leads are in place, the ECG test itself will only take a few minutes

  5. Your done!

  6. From here, our team will forward the ECG report to our off-site cardiologist for review.  Within about a week of your test, we'll text you to say we've sent you an email with the ECG report and cardiologist review.

That's it!  Super simply, painless, quick AND it's FREE!

The pics below show just how easy it is to get your Team E Heart Rythm Check

Check out news from our ECG testing days here!

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